To Listen to the Radio on Amazon Echo

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To listen to the Radio, command Alexa, ‘what radio stations you have’ will access over 350 radio stations across modern genres.

Radio on Amazon Echo
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Alexa built-in devices enjoy the convenience of requesting Alexa for music with innocent voice commands, offer services that will lure users to its ecosystem. Amazon has established its base for the Echo range of speakers in many different publicized as multi-purpose audio devices.

Amazon smart speaker is ready to play live Radio from tens of thousands of stations of your choice, or you are just looking around.

The company has radio stations from across the world and can tune in to the live broadcast of world Radio channels in different languages.

The company has also attached with TuneIn and myTuner and can listen to hundreds of radio stations worldwide.
Amazon has also united special Alexa skills to play channels like Radio City, which offers 14 Alexa skills. Also, several Alexa skills for Radio One Delhi, Radio Mirchi top 20 from Gaana, Radio City Sufi, and more. From across the world, play music with BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 5 Live, and ESPN summons Alexa, open BBC radio5 Live from TuneIn.

Here is To Listen to the Radio on Amazon Echo:

To add Radio Station to your Echo, follow these steps.

  1. Firstly, download the Alexa app on your device ( Smartphone or any other ios device) from the play store.
  2. After downloading the app, sign in with your Amazon ID and password.
  3. It is time to connect your Echo device with Alexa.
  4. Now, open your app and click on the hamburger menu (Top-left side).
  5. Click on the search icon to search the Radio name to listen to the music.
  6. Results will appear on the screen then, select your preferred station. Now choose to enable to use button.
  7. The app will only take a few seconds to enable skill.

Memorize the golden times with Alexa

To access your radio stations, you need access to the Skills section of Alexa will evoke the sort of nostalgia that triggers the memories.

Radio stations on Alexa add stuff like

• iHeartRadio: Supports thousands of stations for US audiences.
• TuneIn: With the thousands of Radio stations around the globe will access music and news reports.
• myTuner Radio: Offers 50,000 free stations in different countries, including podcasts on the same stream.
• Radio Anchor: Anchor will serve you reports from all across the world to play specific news stories like:
• Alexa, ‘ask Radio anchor to play sports stories.’
• Radio Fun Time: Radio fun time is a radio app with tons of classic content and episodic dramas.

All kinds of entertainment options on an Amazon Echo smart speaker bring you iconic radio skills. Just say:
• Alexa, ‘ask Gaana to play Hindi Retro Hits Radio.’
• Alexa, ‘play Radio City Gold.’
• Alexa, ‘play American Radio.’
• Alexa, ‘play Mohammad Rafi Radio.’
• Alexa, ‘Open Radio City Faith.’
• Alexa, ‘play Radio City Bhakti sangeet.’

Listening to bhajans, chants, the inspirational song will make your day through simple voice commands. Relaxing audio or internet radio can also be great to enjoy anytime. This World Radio embarks on a journey of exploring different radio channels on Alexa so you can set the Radio up to begin streaming at a particular time or Alexa to wake you up in point of an alarm.

Use Alexa for Radio Alarms

If you prefer Alexa Radio Alarms and want to ask the service to wake you at a specific time, say, Alexa, shake me up with [radio station] at [chosen time]. Alexa will require to connect to your Wi-Fi to practice one of the available local stations. She will only wake you up after downloading the skills.

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