How to Connect Echo Dot to External Speaker (Instructions)

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How to connect the Echo Dot to External Speaker in quick and easy ways. Connect with the cable The Echo dot comes with a 3.5mm aux port that enables you to connect the Echo Dot to external speakers.

connect echo to external speakers
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The Echo Dot is an astounding invention with its unique features and an even modern design that offers a seemingly endless multitude of functions. In addition to a virtual assistant, functionality called Alexa voice that powers the Echo Dot speakers. Alexa is an artificial intelligence developed by Amazon to control the aspects of the home by verbalizing simple commands. It can manage your calls, give you the current news, weather, traffic, turn lights on and off, and so much more.

By adding Alexa skills, the software is updating day by day, which allows you to connect it with other audio devices.

Amazon affirms that the Echo dot has crisp, provides pretty good sound quality, and is the best for engaging with Alexa. In this, Amazon has included a significant feature that unquestionably nailed on the head with their prediction of voice control. 

Not only does this bolster the feature of your audio, but it is available with the benefit of upgrading to improved external speakers in the future.

Amazon echo dot is the cheapest option available than other Echo devices, so pick this least expensive Echo Dot and keep your options open. You can pair multiple speakers with your Echo, and Alexa retains the capacity to control the music functions.

Steps to Connect Amazon Echo to External Speakers

This article will cover the precise kit of how to connect the Echo Dot to External Speaker in quick and easy ways.

1. Connect with the cable

The Echo dot comes with a 3.5mm aux port that enables you to connect the Echo Dot to external speakers. Now you need a 3.5 size audio cable with male connections on both ends.

  • Plug the one end of the cable into the back of the Echo Dot, and later the speaker to which you crave to connect your Echo Dot.
  • It’s the easiest way to play the audio device via the wire and potentially better noise from a higher-end speaker.

2. Alexa Echo Dot Connect to Bluetooth Speakers

If you’re questioning if the Echo has Bluetooth, with no defense to that is yes, and it is worth joining an outer speaker with your Echo. To get a better noise from a higher-end speaker and dig into your favorite audio books with potentially better sound.

We encourage you to connect your echo speakers with your Bluetooth speaker to enjoy an all-out jam session.

Note that your Echo can pair to one Bluetooth device at a time. 

  • Firstly, make sure to disconnect your device and start setting up this process.
  • Now, start your Bluetooth speaker and set it up to pairing mode.
  • Open your Alexa app, select the devices option, and tap on your Echo.
  • At the uppermost right corner of the app, choose the + sign. 
  • After that, select your Bluetooth device option to pair with the new device.
  • A list will be available of devices on your screen.
  • Select your Bluetooth device name from the list.
  • Echo is all set to play with better music quality.

3. Remove your paired Bluetooth device

  • Start with your Alexa app.
  • Then select devices.
  • In the next step, choose your Echo & Alexa.
  • Now, pick the device you want to disconnect.
  • Now, tap the Bluetooth devices, then forget the device.

4. Connect your Phone to Echo

Take a chance to enjoy your Echo speaker without talking to Alexa.

  • Pick your device, and go to the settings menu.
  • Start your Bluetooth settings menu and tap to turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Now, make sure that your device is in the vicinity of the Echo.
  • Command your Alexa to pair, and it will be entering the pairing mode with the nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • In the Bluetooth settings of your device list, find your Echo speaker.

Let them establishing the connection, and you can say, Alexa pair with the device name.


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