Modem, Router, and Access Point: Which one is the most suitable?

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Connecting to the internet is simply cool through devices, gadgets, and appliances. These days the unbelievably quick advancement of computer technologies has significant distinctions like routers, modems, and access points (APs).

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Wireless networks are almost in every home in different types and categories of network equipment that can create confusion in the user’s mind. Understanding the Wi-Fi-related terms/devices help the users understand exactly what your home or business demands. These devices are not identical and work a bit differently with your network. There is another minor yet still critical distinction to understanding which devices will be preferable. Here, we will examine the parallels and differences in this article about Modem, Router, and Access Point: Which one is the most suitable?

What is Modem?

A modem is a box-type device or program that enables connecting your home/office network instantly to the internet. It receives an analog signal from your internet service provider and translates to digital information and vice versa. This process enables your computer to understand and transmit and receive data over the internet. Most modems have three ports that connect to the outside world: an ethernet connection that connects to a router, an internet port, and one that connects to a power source. Older modems link to the internet via telephone lines or whatever physical line you have to transfer the data.

What is a Router?

A router is a computer networking device to route data between multiple devices in your home. Routers are devices that handle networks and routes network traffic between them. Nowadays, numerous devices require the internet to work on, and it assigns all your gadgets an IP address to get internet connectivity smoothly. Your router also allows your devices to communicate with other devices over the network. It mainly serves two types of routers Wired and Wireless routers. The wireless router does not need any wire to connect to the internet with the help of Wi-Fi technology.

What is Access Point?

A connection point is a wireless network device, typically attached to the routers via an Ethernet cable. It acts as a connection point for devices to connect to a LAN and expands the wireless range of an existing network. For example, a high-speed Ethernet cable that runs from a router to an access point is helpful for gigantic homes with Wi-Fi dead spots. A WAP functions very much like a hub that increases the digit of users that can attach to the network.

Modem, Router, and Access Point: Which one is the most suitable

It is easy to get the three devices mixed up with the devices. Here we will provide you with all the details. We could go as far as to state which are the most significant ones on this list.

  1. Difference:
    A modem usually connects to the source of your internet provided directly by the ISP. Modems, routers, and access points are unlike and serve specific separate roles. A modem links you to the internet, while a router links your devices to your home network, and An Access point adds Wi-Fi access to a wired network and enables you to extend its range. These three support Wi-Fi network connectivity to perform similar functions but in a very different manner.
  2. Functions:
    A modem and a router work jointly to broadcast a Wi-Fi network. If you have a single computer at your home, you only need a modem for a network connection. To distribute the internet connection to your multiple devices, you wire a router with it. A wireless router and a wireless access point both sustain Wi-Fi network connectivity. The wireless router will deliver Wi-Fi signals instantly and can add wireless access points to extend the Wi-Fi coverage into a large area. In the larger enterprise, the router can not offer those Wi-Fi signals literally to your wireless devices and will require multiple access points to deliver services.
  3. Which one is the best?
    Access points differ from routers, as wireless AP could not connect to a modem or gateway without routing functions. You will always require a modem to decode the signal from your ISP to connect you with the internet in your home. A wireless router can perform as an access point in small businesses and speed up the internet. But the Access point can not act as a router as its function is to extend a wireless network with dead spots or poor connection areas.
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