How to Set Up a new Amazon Echo

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One of the common appealing aspects of the Amazon Echo is obeying your every command while keeping your hands-free.

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One of the common appealing aspects of the Amazon Echo is obeying your every command while keeping your hands-free. Amazon Echo is a slick little gadget that works with the cloud-based software program, Alexa. It uses natural voice experiences to provide a more intuitive way to dominate your homes, connect with friends and family, play songs, get news, convert currencies, set timers, and more. Do not get too overwhelmed thinking about the possibilities of customizing your experience by adding a range of features to the Alexa voice-control system

Alexa app is its seamless integration with third-party apps, and for tech-lovers, navigating a new piece of tech is extremely pleasant. With the Echo range expanding nearly year-on-year, the Alexa app is an absolute necessity for owners of Amazon Echo. If you have bought an echo then, you need to set up Alexa on your device first. 

Embrace an enchanting world of lightning-fast automation, and start bossing Amazon assistant Alexa around in no time. 

Every day Alexa learns from you, and we will tell you how to set up a new Amazon Echo to get your device running. In a few minutes, you’ll be experiencing what the smart speaker has to offer and can start controlling your smart devices.

To get started:

Got a cool gadget, though you are in a dilemma of setting up a whole process. All you need is:

  1. A secure and smooth Wi-Fi connection for how to Set Up a new Amazon Echo
  2. A device (a phone or tablet, Android, Fire tablet, or iOS) to install the Alexa app.
  3. Your Amazon Echo dot, with a power adapter that comes with it.

How to Set up a new Amazon Echo:

  1. Download the Alexa app: The Alexa app is free, and we can download it free from the stores available on your device. Also, make sure you have the latest version to download. This built-in Alexa, getting smarter all the time, and she can answer your questions quickly like set timers, traffic, news, and more.
  2. Sign in with Amazon: For the existing amazon customer, all you need is your Amazon account and password. Though if you don’t have an amazon account, you can proceed with a new one. Or you will have to create a new amazon account to get dutiful answers. Then you can proceed with the on-screen instructions for setting it up.
  3. Select your user name: A list of user names will appear on the screen. Select your user name, also can proceed with I am someone else.
  4. Set up your Echo: After unboxing your Echo, start placing it in the central location where it can reach the internet connection smoothly. It is probably the easiest step in the whole process, to power on the Echo with its provided adopter. Plug it into the socket, you will see the LEDs glowing, and after a short while. We’re on our way to set it up, switch the blue light to turn into an orange light. Now, it will perk up that the Amazon Echo is ready for the final setup step.
  5. Connect with Wi-Fi: Now connect the app with Wi-Fi, open the Alexa app. Click on the More menu (bottom-right corner of the app). Now select “Add a device” to continue.
  6. Select your Echo Dot: Now, look at your echo dot name on the screen. Then it will guide you to open the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile. Select your network name and return to the app. In the end, choose your Wi-Fi network to connect your Echo Dot, enter your Wi-Fi password.
  7. Thankfully, it is honestly simple:  You have set up your Echo Dot, and by default, your Amazon Echo has set to activate when it hears the word “Alexa.” To give a command, you need to say, Alexa, set the [name of thermostat] to 20 degrees or anything. Notwithstanding its miniature size, it will never let your expectations down, also the least expensive way to get Alexa into your home. Kudos! It is the entire process of How to Set Up a new Amazon Echo.
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