How to Secure my Home with Amazon Echo & Alexa Guard

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Alexa Guard is a free home security feature from Amazon for Amazon Echo users. Previously, home security systems were prohibitively expensive.

Set up Alexa Guard Plus
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But with the consumer-friendly active home products makes it more accessible in the present. It permits your Echo device to monitor for potential signs of emergency work as a surveillance system. When you enable Alexa Guard, it uses the far-field microphones in Echo devices to start listening for the sound of a glass shattering when you are distant from home or any time you need some extra protection.

It also arrives with a subscription named Alexa Guard Plus (about $4.99 a month) which grants access to premium features and adds more safety features to Alexa Guard, including an emergency helpline available 24/7.

How does Alexa Guard work?

Activating Guard mode works with the Wake word that pairs up to the sound of glass breaking and alarms. For everyone who cannot settle their subconscious at ease while enjoying a holiday away, this new feature can assist you in keeping an eye on what is running on at your home. Once enabled, your arm Guard by hearing the voice command Alexa, I am leaving Alexa will send you notifications and a record of something caught problematic by sending a Smart Alert to your phone.

It uses the far-field microphones in Echo devices to nearly listen for glass breaking, alarms from smoke, or CO detector or footsteps when you are not in the home. Alexa uses machine learning to determine the action will receive an audio recording of the incident. Your Echo can include a camera with a drop-in feature to look at the live camera feed.

Alexa Guard can also take some basic preventative steps at your home with the active lights tied to the Alexa platform, which can turn them on and off when you are at home, and even when you are not there.

How to Secure Your Home With Amazon Echo and Alexa Guard runs on two modes:

• First, Away Mode, activated when you say Alexa, I’m leaving.
• Home Mode, stimulated when you speak Alexa, I’m home.

Alexa- Guard features:

Alexa Guard Mode is a free service, and once activated, you can take advantage of this innovation.
• Control your modern home lights: If it recognizes a sound, Alexa can automatically turn your home lights on or off to ensure and deter unwanted visitors it seems like someone’s at home.
• Listen: When you set Alexa Guard to Away mode, your Echo device will hear sounds of breaking glass or anything acting at home.
• Send active alerts: It will automatically alert you with a clip of the sound.
• Work with your security systems: Alexa Guard currently integrates with home security systems from ADT, and Ring Alarm, helping alert you to potential vehicle break-ins.

How to Secure my Home With Amazon Echo and set up Alexa Guard:

• Open the Alexa, and select the menu action (top-left corner) on your screen.
• Choose the settings.
• Now, scroll down and choose the Alexa Guard.
• Choose a set-up guard at the bottom.
• Use the overseen navigation to pick the alerts you crave.
• Finally, agree to allow the app to send you Smart Alerts.

Once enabled, your Amazon Echo with a display will confer a shield icon on its home screen. In addition, though your Echo comes without display, it will show a rotating white light on your Echo.

Alexa Guard plus: Beyond the standard version of Alexa Guard Mode comes with an Alexa guard plus is an advanced subscription (about $4.99 a month). Amazon has built available at the end of 2020 Alexa Guard Plus is a great idea to supplement a present system.

It adds a few new features like offering a 24/7 emergency helpline. In addition, this service will fully support hands-free calling that allows you to speak with Amazon agents by giving the voice command, Alexa, call for help (24*7, 365 days a year).

Other features based on the sounds in your home can detect the sounds of everything from babies crying to footsteps, people talking, or a door closing.

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