How to Reset Your Amazon Echo Device

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Amazon Echo set up tips here’s how to reset Alexa device. We cover the Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Input, and any generation.

Reset Your Amazon Echo Device
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If your Amazon Echo 3rd or 4th Generation is benumbed and you want to expunge your device settings, factory reset your device. Alexa is Amazon’s all-knowing, interactive voice assistant built into every Echo device that uses your voice to request Alexa a question or give Alexa a command.

She is a voice-controlled virtual assistant that dutifully acknowledges you or carries out your every demand. Alexa is to Amazon what Siri is to Apple, working through the available number of smart speakers to capture this service to perform specific tasks. For example, this cloud-based software program can play a radio station, control your smart home, tell the time, engage your desired services to keep you organized, entertained, and more.

Based in the cloud, Amazon’s AVS is intelligent voice recognition natural language understanding service practiced to voice-enable any connected device with a microphone and speaker. Some people think an Alexa-enabled device is like the software that powers your smartphone combined with additional smart home devices and software. On the contrary, she is nothing but a glorified clock radio that can tell you the time.

• Play music
• Flash-briefing
• Check the weather
• Offer sports updates
• Supports podcasts
• Stream live radio
• Getting help around the home
• Manage your lists and calendars
• Cell phones and other Alexa-enabled devices
• Set timers and alarms
• Play audiobooks
• Find local business information
• Communicate
• Do math
• Tell stories
• Administer games
• Tell jokes
• Summon a ride
• Order dinner
• Find recipes
• Teach history lessons
• Shop on Amazon

Reset Your Amazon Echo Device

We spend a lot of time talking to Amazon Echo, and sometimes it becomes unresponsive. If things go wrong, resetting the speaker to factory settings is essential to get things back on track. So are you heading to sell or give away your old device?

You can reset Your Amazon Echo Device before giving it away. Below, we will be going through each type of Echo device as the exact method varies depending on the Alexa device in question. But the perception of where to work is not always straightforward. So make sure to give it the first try by pulling the power adopter through the socket and remaining the same for a few seconds, then plug it in after.

Factory Reset using the Alexa app:

  1. Open your Alexa app download it from the play store.
  2. Move to the devices icon (A house-shaped icon in the bottom-right corner).
  3. Now, tap the Echo & Alexa icon.
  4. Choose the devices that you require to reset.
  5. Finally, scroll down and press factory reset.

How to Factory Reset an Echo dot:

As with the Echo Dot, you are working from a different generation of Echo devices.

Here is to Reset Your Amazon Echo Device:

To reset 1st Generation Echo dot:

  1. To reset the 1st generation Echo dot, locate the reset button (on the bottom of the Echo speaker).
  2. Now along, with a paper clip or something similar press, the button for 5 seconds.
  3. Take a while for the light ring to switch on and off again, signifying that it suitably reset.

To reset 2nd Generation Echo dot:

  1. This Echo speaker does not come with a reset button.
  2. All you need to, press and hold the Microphone off and Volume Down buttons (at the same time).
  3. Pause until the light ring turns orange, and usually, it takes about 20 seconds.

To reset 3rd and 4th Generation Echo dot:

  1. You only need to press & hold the Action button on this device.
  2. Now, wait for 25 seconds until the ring light turns orange.
  3. The light ring will display orange and then suddenly blue, and therefore it’s reset and in setup mode.
hold the action button alexa

How to reset an Amazon Echo show

The reset method is pretty simple if you own an Amazon Echo speaker with a screen.

  1. For the second generation echo show, ask Alexa to go to the settings.
  2. Now, swipe down and go to Settings.
  3. From there, choose the device option and reset to the factory defaults.
  4. Follow the same process for the Echo Show 5, Show 8, or Show 10.

To reset 1st Generation Echo show:

Press & hold the mute & volume down buttons

  1. Push and hold the volume and mute buttons together (at the top of the device) for 15 seconds.
  2. Hold until the screen displays the Amazon logo.
  3. Following the on-screen instructions to help you add it to your current or a new network.

Factory Reset Amazon Echo Sub:

  1. To reset the Echo Sub, press and hold the action button for 25 seconds.
    Factory Reset Amazon Echo Studio:
  2. Push the volume and mute the button down for nearly 20 seconds.
  3. Now, hold until the light ring blinks orange.
  4. Now, your device has reset!


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