How to play Podcasts on Amazon Echo

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Podcasts and Alexa complement each other admirably and support all the Alexa-enabled devices so that one can walk liberally around the house listening to podcasts.

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Podcasts and Alexa complement each other admirably and support all the Alexa-enabled devices so that one can walk liberally around the house listening to podcasts. A great route to follow up with your favorites while commanding Alexa to play the newest episode of your favorite podcasts. 

As we adopt Alexa as Amazon’s voice-operated virtual personal assistant can obey and perform a wide range of functions on your command while keeping your hands-free. 

Podcasts have kept up with the times exceptionally well, especially as Amazon has just made it available on Alexa through Amazon Music. In September 2020, Amazon introduced its podcast service to its repertoire. If you’re an Amazon Music consumer, then you are all set up to experience a new platform via Alexa at no extra cost. Alexa will perfectly cue up with the podcasts to perform a specific album, musical artist, or song, and most of the time Alexa, nails it. 

You’re sketchy about its details and scanning to enhance the podcast experience on Alexa. Here things are thankfully much simpler. These steps will cover everything you need to know about playing podcasts with Alexa that you will seek to download and use it. 

How to play Podcasts on Amazon Echo:

To set it up on your Amazon Echo, then link your podcast service to your Alexa.

  • Open the Alexa app.
  • Select more (at the bottom of the homepage).
  • Go to settings.
  • Now scroll down to choose Settings.
  • Again scroll down to select ‘Music and Settings.’
  • Now, choose ‘Link new service.’
  • Here, prefer the service that you want to play Podcasts on Amazon Echo.
  • In the end, tap ‘Enable to use’ may ask you to log in.

How to play Podcasts on Amazon Echo:

  • Start your Alexa app on your device.
  • Open the menu to choose Music, Video, & Books.
  • Beneath Music, select TuneIn.
  • Then, select Podcasts.
  • You can explore categories of your interest and a specific episode of podcasts.
  • On the top of the app, choose your speaker, and bang the podcast cover to execute.

Play Alexa Podcasts with other services (Spotify and Apple Podcasts):

Alternatively, you can use different services like Spotify and Apple podcasts as Alexa’s default podcast for playing with Alexa. If you are playing a podcast on your Spotify, needs to make Spotify your default music and podcast platform and link your Spotify account to Alexa.

Look at these steps to play podcasts using the Spotify Skill:

  • Start the Alexa app on the device.
  • On the bottom row, select more. Then continue to settings.
  • In the settings, scroll down until a Music and Podcast menu appears.
  • Now, choose Music, and proceed to ‘Link new services.’
  • A list of available services will promote on-screen. Select Spotify.
  • Choose to ‘Enable to Use.’
  • An account linking page will open, then proceed with the credentials.
  • Once you log in, a message will appear ‘Your account has linked successfully.’
  • Press close.

Apple Podcasts:

  • Now, start the Alexa app, and go to the More menu.
  • Select the Apple Podcasts skills and choose Enable to Use.
  • Link your Apple ID easily.

How to Enable Podcasts Skill in Alexa app with the Voice commands.

  • Start the Alexa app on your device, and in the main menu, go-to skills.
  • Look for AnyPod or Stitcher, and select the desired skills.
  • Choose Enable Skill.
  • Simply, request Alexa, enable [Stitcher/AnyPod].

To Link your Stitcher account:

  • In your Alexa app, go to the main menu, and choose Skills.
  • In the menu open, skills.
  • Choose your Skills (top-right).
  • Select Stitcher>Settings.
  • Then Link the Account and follow the prompts.

To stream your choice Podcast with a smart speaker:

  1. Make sure your device is within the of your Echo speaker.
  2. Disconnect your existing Bluetooth connection with the command (If any).
  3. Set up your device to Bluetooth pairing mode.
  4. Set your Echo device to pairing mode with instructions.
  5. Choose your speaker under the Bluetooth settings. Now it will declare that it is a successful connection.

By default, Alexa serves podcasts via TuneIn skill for listening to podcasts, depending on what sort of device you’re handling. Through that, you can ask Amazon Alexa to play the podcasts.

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