How to Play Games With your Amazon Alexa Echo

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The Amazon assistant has a variety of play games in the Alexa skills store, comes with features that you strength not been aware of yet.

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She has become such a fixed part of many smart homes today, along with that one can play games with Alexa, and this goes beyond summoning her funny questions. Her ever-growing library of Skills has dozens upon dozens of games that you can play alone, and others strive to fit with a small group of players.

Alexa Play Games Setup

Here is how to setting up Alexa to play games is easy. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Firstly, power on your Amazon Echo.
  2. Now, start the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Hit the hamburger icon on the left.
  4. Choose Skills > Games, Trivia & Accessories.
  5. Then, select your fancied game to allow it for play on your Alexa-enabled devices.
Amazon Games App Download For Windows PC

How to Play Games With your Amazon Alexa Echo:

  1. Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock: This classic game is the more advanced version on Alexa will always offer fun. Summon a virtual opponent by saying, Alexa, open Lizard Spock to play. The Rock, paper, and scissors are a bit simple than Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. All you require is to enable Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock in the Alexa app.
  2. Escape the Room: Escape rooms are popular entertainment these days, involving Alexa illustrating a setting from which you have to escape. It is a fun game though it arises with the rules, puzzles, and clues presented verbally by Alexa. To launch this game, says Alexa, start Escape The Room, and you will redirect to a virtual space. There are different rooms to select from, and you plot your escape by looking around, discovering items, and unlocking puzzles to move your way out of your assumed imprisonment. It only runs with voice commands and, the best portion is you can battle against your friends and family.
  3. The Magic Door: One of the best games for children to enjoy. This fantasy-themed choose-your-adventure game has based on your preference. Explore a fascinated land that carries magical creatures, and your job is to assemble disappeared items, help magical creatures, and solve riddles. Just say, Alexa, open the magic door!
  4. Jeopardy: Later announcing the magic phrase, Alexa, play Jeopardy! will welcome you by the game’s host Alex Trebek. Behind that, you will get access to the additional 6th clue from each of the television game’s sections. Every day, you can respond to a specific question from six categories on Jeopardy will put your trivia knowledge to the test.
  5. Deal or no deal: Theiconic game show Deal or No Deal is the best, and this one needs you to give real listening to whatever Alexa is saying. You aim to pick from the 20 available briefcases containing different amounts of money and then try to remove the lowest value cases from the game without opening the million-dollar briefcase. After that, the Banker calls to make an offer based on the value of the briefcases left. If you consent to the deal, your primary case will open with the prize money. If you decide to say No deal, the game will continue. 
  6. Song Quiz: If you’re just as knowledgeable about music, then you can invite your friends and family and arise victorious as the music buff there ever is. Alexa’s music skill is the most-reviewed skill for all the time. Alexa will play the songs, and you will require to guess the melody and the artist to score points from the music.
  7. Bingo: More classic play that you won’t want to drop out on bingo, offers endlessly enjoyable entertainment. Before beginning the game, you’ll need bingo cards to get rolling, and you can download them from the skill page. Just say, Alexa, open bingo!, and she will begin with her first Bingo number. To summon the Next number, say call another number or Next. 
  8. True or False: This trivia game is as straightforward as can play with one more person at home, with a maximum of 20 participants. The game is quite simple – Alexa asks you a question, and you answer Alexa with either True or False. Perfect with family members or friends over a video call if you are staying alone.
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