How to organize Reminders, Timers, and Lists on Alexa

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Alexa users to set and manage with Alexa Voice Service for primary features like alarms, timers, creating shopping lists, reminders, and to-do lists with only the voice commands.

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Alexa appears with a plethora of traits out-of-the-box to help you juggle your bustling schedule. It is easy and handy to use Alexa for primary features like alarms, timers, creating shopping lists, reminders, and to-do lists with only the voice commands. Slowly and gradually, your Amazon Echo device and as well as many third-party Alexa devices are replacing your smartphone. You can make it more active by adding Skills to allow users to accomplish much higher than they already can with house automation. This latest feature enables users to set timers for small everyday chores from an egg to a race with or without a speaker. She is an intelligent AI that helpfully interjects to recall us to take lunch to work or get medicine after every meal. Though enjoying this app, you need to understand how to organize Reminders, Timers, and Lists on Alexa.

How to create a Reminder?

Reminders serve as short-term alarms, and with Alexa, it runs similar like you are used to other digital assistants. Set a general reminder by telling ‘Alexa to create a reminder.’ It will confirm the reminder’s date, time, and name by using your voice.

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How to organize Reminders, Timers, and Lists on Alexa with Android or iOS devices:

  1. While moving further, launch the app on your phone.
  2. Now, go to the hamburger icon or menu button on the app.
  3. You are required to choose Alerts and Alarms on the screen.
  4. Choose to add a reminder.
  5. Select on remind me to, and then enter the reminder’s name.
  6. After choosing the name, tap on done.
  7. By following these steps, choose the accurate date.
  8. Now, select done.
  9. After that, set the time of the reminder.
  10. Choose your Echo device, and tap on Done.

If you want to edit it, then:

  1. Again, open your Alexa app on your device.
  2. Choose the hamburger icon.
  3. Then Alarms and Alerts.
  4. Now, you need to find the reminder that you have previously set.
  5. Click the reminder that you want to edit.
  6. Select edit reminders to make changes.

Delete reminder from the Alexa app:

  1. Open the Alexa app, then go to the menu.
  2. Open Alerts and Alarms.
  3. Then, a list will appear on your screen.
  4. Choose the reminder you want to delete.
  5. Then, choose to delete the reminder.

How to use Timer in Alexa: You can create a named timer

  1. Choose timers at the top and follow the Alexa icon in the center.
  2. Ask Alexa to set a timer for 5 minutes or whatever time you want.
    You can ask Alexa to set a timer for 3 minutes to boil a Maggi or boil the rice. All the timers will appear in the timer section. You can also ask Alexa about your timer.

How to create a to-do list

If your Echo is near you, then directly ask Alexa to create a to-do list or add vegetables to my list. Ask ‘Alexa, what is my shopping list?’ She will rummage through the details on this list. Removing a specific item is easy with your Voice command.

To create a to-do list on the Alexa app:

  1. Open your Alexa app, then move to the main menu (hamburger icon).
  2. Now, choose the List entry.
  3. You can also swipe the items and run between your to-do list and shopping list.
  4. To add an item, press plus icon in the upper-right corner.

How to set an Alarm?

You can practice Alexa to replace the traditional alarm clock covering everything with this cool feature.
Say: ‘Alexa, set the alarm with your Amazon Echo.’ Providing details includes information that can be for every day.

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