How To Earn Money Fast?

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Feel free to avoid being tied to fixed working hours, but would you like to earn money quickly? Read here what options are available.

fast ways to make money
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Many people are looking for it: ways to make money fast. Not surprising because everything is getting more expensive, and with an average full-time job with a minimum wage, you hardly have anything left at the end of the month. Do you need money quickly for a specific purpose, for example, a new car or a dream trip? Or do you not feel like being tied to fixed working hours with a boss, but would you like to earn money quickly? In this article, we tell you all about the possibilities.

What can you read in this article?

  • How can you make money fast?
  • 9 ways to make money fast from home
  • Make money fast – not from home
  • Other ways to make money fast
  • Earn money easily and quickly

How can you make money fast?

Those who want to earn money quickly have quite a few options, from online work to work where you can roll up your sleeves. Especially when you fully commit to one of these options or choose to combine several ways, you can make money easily and quickly. Can’t wait to start making money? Below we have listed some of the options for you.

9 ways to make money fast from home

Would you like to earn money quickly but don’t feel like leaving your house for it? No problem, because there are countless ways to provide extra income from home. For example, choose:

1. Complete surveys

One of the easiest ways to start making money right away is to take online surveys. These questionnaires often only take a few minutes of your time and provide you with a nice compensation. Taking surveys for money is a popular way to make a quick buck, and if you do it right, you could earn up to several hundred dollars a month. Just from home. Do you want to start today with this way of earning money quickly? Then sign up with the best survey sites.

2. Loyalty Programs

Another option you have that you can get started right away is to participate in savings programs. With these programs, you can easily earn money. For example, you receive compensation for clicking on links, reading emails or playing games. By using all the savings program options, you can easily and quickly earn money this way. To get the most out of your time, it’s best to sign up with the best savings programs.

3. Shop cashback

Are you someone who makes the most purchases online? Then you can start earning money with it from now on. Registering on one or more of the best cashback websites gives you access to interesting offers and promotions. Via the website, you then click through to the web store where you want to make your purchase, and you can shop as you are used to. After completing your purchase, the cashback website will receive a signal, and you will receive your money back within a certain time (this differs per provider). Especially if you make almost all your purchases online, you can earn money quickly without putting in much extra effort.

4. Start an online store

Starting an online store is a fun way to make money quickly. The great thing is that you can handle creating websites because there are several simple options for creating a webshop, including Shopify. Start a webshop, and there are some things you need to think about. For example, what will you sell, and is there a market for it? Preferably choose something that you like or that you are interested in. This way, investing your time and energy in it is much more fun.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Do you have your website or many followers on social media? Then you could make money quickly with affiliate marketing. By advertising products or services of companies, you can earn a nice amount. Furthermore, if you have a lot of followers on social media, companies will come to you asking if you want to promote their products. So getting many followers can make you (a lot of) money.

In addition, you can advertise through your website by registering with a network such as Daisycon. There you can find links and banners that you can place on your website. You receive a certain fee when someone purchases via such a link (or clicks on that link). It can hardly be simpler.

6. Trading in (second-hand) products

Do you like to trade? Then you can easily and quickly earn money with it. Especially if you respond smartly to trends and look for bargains, you can generate a nice income with this. The key here is: to buy cheap and sell smart. For example, look for bargains on websites such as marketplace or or view emerging trends and respond smartly by purchasing a certain amount of them cheaply and offering them online.

7. Work as a copywriter, web designer or Virtual Assistant

Are you good at writing texts? Do you build the most beautiful websites or have a nice telephone voice? Then think about doing something about it. For example, get started as a (freelance) copywriter, web designer or Virtual Assistant. Not only can you do what you are good at, but you can also make a nice income if you do it right.

8. Investing

Do you know the financial market, or are you willing to gain that knowledge? Then you could think about investing. This is an idea, especially if you have a certain amount of savings that you can spare. However, keep in mind that this way of making money involves risk. You could also lose your bet if the value of the shares falls.

9. Make money from photos

Do you take beautiful photos and would you like to earn some money with them? Then you could choose to sell your photos. By offering your photos on a so-called stock website, you can get paid every time someone wants to use your photo. Ideal for those who take unique and high-quality photos.

Make money fast – not from home

Do you need help finding work that you could do from home? Or would you rather not get started online? Then there are many more ways to make money quickly. Below we have collected a few for you:

Participate in a medical examination

Those who want to earn money quickly can sign up for medical examinations. During this type of research, for example, new medication is tested before it is launched on the market. Different conditions and rules apply to each research project, and the results also differ per research project. Remember that you must stay in a research centre for several days. The advantage is that you often receive substantial compensation for this. For example, you can register with PRA to participate in medical examinations.

Watch out

You can often earn money quickly and easily by babysitting children. Ask in your area if there are people who need a babysitter or register on websites. Ideal for those who love children and want to earn money quickly.

Take care of animals

Crazy about animals? Then you could make it work. For example, you can walk dogs or work as a pet sitter for people who go on vacation or for another reason are looking for someone who can feed and care for their pets. For example, post a message on social media to let people know that people can hire you or ask around in your circle of acquaintances if they know someone looking for a dog walker or pet sitter.

Do tasks

Washing cars, mowing the lawn, cleaning, doing the shopping or getting rid of ironing are all ways to make some quick money. Ask around in your neighborhood if you can help people or post a message on your social media. Another way to get noticed is to hang a card on the advertisement board in the supermarket.

Use your car to earn money

Do you like driving people around? Then you could get started as an Uber driver. Another way to make money from your car is to use it for advertising businesses. In addition, you could also rent out your car via, for example, or earn money with the ride to work by offering that ride on

Use your talent

Can you sing beautifully, are you very good at playing an instrument or do you have another talent? Then you could make money with it. You can perform at parties, use your drawing or hand lettering skills to make beautiful cards or invitations, or, for example, get started as a DJ.

Another way to use your talent is to teach or tutor. For example, do you have a talent for languages? Or do you play the best guitar? Then you can earn money teaching. Ideal for those who enjoy working with people and teaching others.

Get started as a delivery person

More and more people are having their meals delivered at home, so there are almost always restaurants in the area looking for a delivery person—an ideal option for those who enjoy being on the go. By responding to a vacancy for a delivery person, you can often start making money super fast.

Other ways to make money fast

Because this article will get very long if we discuss all the options for making money quickly, we have compiled a list below with other options for making money quickly.

  • See if you can save on your fixed costs, so you can easily ‘earn’ a few tens of euros per month.
  • Sell ​​stuff and clothes you no longer need to earn extra money quickly.
  • Earn money with gaming by streaming via Twitch, for example.
  • Rent out a room in your home, for example, via Airbnb.
  • Use your knowledge to earn money. For example, do you know everything about losing weight, sports or marketing? Then you can sell that knowledge. Write an e-book about it, get started as a personal trainer or start a workshop/training.

Earn money easily and quickly

If you want to earn money quickly, you can do this in many different ways. For example, start your web shop, participate in a savings program, or complete online surveys. Which way of making quick money suits you best depends mainly on what you can do, whether you want to work from home, and whether you are looking for regular income or one-off quick money. Especially if you would like to earn money for a longer period with one of the above options, it is smart to look at what you enjoy doing. This not only ensures that you enjoy earning your money, but it also increases the chance that what you do will be a success.

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