How to make Alexa your Travel Partner?

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Are you looking to take travel soon? Bring your virtual voice associate with you—setup here your travel with Alexa device.

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Alexa is Amazon’s home voice assistant that tracks you everywhere in this day and age. She has a voice and personality that can deliver you an ever-growing reservoir of capabilities learned as skills using only your voice. Alexa Skills themselves are worthwhile that make your life genuinely easier. She is also a travel attendant who can help you plan your next vacation, and if you request the correct question, it will get sassy with you. Most individuals understand that the Amazon Tap has meant to be a smart home device and a mobile Bluetooth speaker that weighs just over a pound.

Alexa has evolved our closest approximation of artificial intelligence that you can carry your Alexa-enabled device with you when you travel. But unfortunately, setting up an Alexa device in a different place is a lot like setting up a brand new Alexa.

Traveling with Alexa is comfortable, and there is no excuse why you should not carry one away with you. You can pack your Alexa for the new spot with only need to check is electricity and Wi-Fi to access it.

As you travel from hotel to hotel, would not it be pleasant to make Alexa your Travel Partner? First, though, you may wonder How to make Alexa your Travel Partner.

  1. Firstly, plug your Alexa device into the available socket of your room to start it.
  2. It seized me just a couple of minutes to get my Echo to connect with the Wi-Fi. With a few security-related tweaks, connect your Alexa with the available network. Then enter the Wi-Fi password.
  3. Now, it has been done. Enjoy your Alexa by talking to her.

How to make Alexa your Travel Partner

Now everything is set up, and it is time to operate your Alexa with the wealth of skills built for travel planning.

Ask your Alexa for weather:

Alexa for a quick weather report will provide you with a guide for the day-to-day, tomorrow, or weekly forecast. But first, remember to change the device location settings because it won’t work straight if Alexa does not understand where you are. Adjusting this setting will also permit Alexa to behave as your concierge.

  1. To do this, go to the Alexa app on your phone and tap Devices.
  2. Move to Echo & Alexa.
  3. Choose your Echo Device.
  4. Then, go to the Device’s Location.
  5. Enter the address that you want to add.
  6. In the end, choose to save.

Looking Up for the Flights:

If you are a conscientious traveler, your Alexa can assist you with the details for your upcoming trips. She can spice things up with her Skills in your whole trip like, checking your flight status and looking up flights to a specific destination. Set up your home airport as the default origin and command your Alexa to find your flights within the budget. She will assist you with hotel booking and plan your road trip. Even she can tell you the traffic report of that area.

Alexa, tell me the traffic report of Washington?

Alexa Banner 33

Hit the road with your little assistant:

This voice-activated AI assistant has been constructing waves in the tech world, and she can add relevant skills to help you on the trip.

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone and go to the main menu.
  2. Select Skills and games to search for tourism, city name, etc.
  3. You can add Uber, Expedia, Lyft, OpenTable, Flight Tacker, anything that you want.

Track Your Flight:

Alexa is sometimes unbelievable that she can even tell you the status of your flight. All she needs is your flight and airline number. A flight tracker is a skill that operates for tracking your flight.

For Hotel Services:

Adding a few skills can give you great exposure to your trip. Alexa is a whole package, and she is always ready to make everything work. Forget about contacting the concierge, and add the Front Desk Skill will provide you with all the room services that you need.
You can also count on the OpenTable skill, which helps with the reservations in restaurants with a voice command.

Find the exciting events:

You can even the exciting events around you that you don’t know. Alexa’s skills like Ticketmaster and Fandango let you review for available events around you.

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