How to Hack a Wi-Fi Password – Cracking Tips & Guide

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Here are a few steps below to hack a Wi-Fi password. We will guide you to common ethical hacking techniques, WiFi2Me & weaknesses in wireless network (WiFi) security.

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If you want to enhance your knowledge and got no data but find a good strength of Wi-Fi surrounding you? Wait a minute! But it needs a password, and you do not have one! Sometimes these neighbours are not ready to share the Wi-Fi goodness.

Occasionally, we have limited data to explore, and while binge-watching, we consume all the data. With the media consumption being so high, your mobile data can be costly and a pain. If you have strong signals of Wi-Fi around your house and want to get super-fast Wi-Fi Internet Speed, then follow the process below.

How to Hack Wi-Fi Passwords

Snapping and Hacking a Wi-Fi password is the foremost step toward ethical hacking to steal your bandwidth. There are three different types of Wi-Fi securities:

1. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).
2. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA).
3. Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

WEP: WEP is the acronym for Wired Equivalent Privacy and is one of the most famous and widely accustomed Wi-Fi securities. It is an older technology, and one can easily crack and hack its password from a computer by wifi password hacker.

WPA: Wi-Fi security improved with the WPA is much stronger than WEP designed by the Wi-Fi Alliance in reaction to the weaknesses discovered in WEP. It operates more elevated Initial Values of 48 bits instead than the 24 bits that WEP utilises.

WPS: The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) requires high tracking skills to crack and and hack any wifi password. It has a very vital Wi-Fi signal strength.

How to Hack wifi Password of the Neighbours: Using Wi-Fi WPS WPA TESTER (without Rooting)

You can link with any router with the benefit of the WPS settings widely utilised for hacking Wi-Fi passwords. Here are a few steps below to hack a Wi-Fi password.
1. Install the Wi-Fi WPS WPA TESTER app from the Play Store on your Android phone.
2. Then, click the refresh button to proceed further.
3. After enabling the Wi-Fi sign on your mobile, you can check a list of Wi-Fi signals in front of you.
4. Choose any green Wi-Fi signal from the list and select to connect on the automatic pin.
5. Two options will pop up in front of your screen root and no root. If your mobile phone is rooted, choose the first option and if it is not, then select NON ROOTED option.
6. Now, let searching. Your android phone will automatically connect to Wi-Fi.

How to Hack wifi Password of the Neighbours: Decoding Wireless network passwords stored in Windows

1. Download and install the Cain and Abel tool on your Windows.
2. Now, initiate the app.
3. Select the Decoders Tab and choose the wireless password from the navigation menu (left-hand side).
4. Then, choose the plus sign.
5. Now, you have connected to a wireless network. Then, you will get the results on your screen.
6. The Decoder will display you the encryption type, password and SSID.

How to Hack wifi Passwords of the Neighbours: With WPSAPP

This one is the all-in-one app to connect to nearby Wi-Fi using an eight-digit pin.
1. Start with downloading the WPSAPP app on your Android phone.
2. Now, initiate the app and look for the Wi-Fi network.
3. Select the enabled WEP network you are looking for a link.
4. Tap on the “CONNECT WITH PIN” switch, and after a few moments, the app shows your network password.

How to Hack wifi Passwords of the Neighbours with Kali Linux:

What do you need?
• -Kali Linux
• –Router
• -Laptop linked to that router
• -Wireless adaptor that keeps monitor mode.

1. To enable Kali, head to Sudo apt install kali-root-login at the quick.
2. Once downloaded, put a root password for running the Sudo password. Now, replace it with a new root password.
3. Start desktop as a root.
4. Get a Wi-Fi card that allows monitoring (RFMON) to use as an external card.
5. Disconnect from the current Wi-Fi to test a network.
6. Now, run the command airmon-ng in the terminal window. It will display the name of the connected Wi-Fi interfaces. Take a note that you notice underneath the interface header of your card.
7. Here, run airmon-ng start wlan0 to monitor the network. If you don’t see wlan0, then replace the command with man0. Then, run the same airodump-ng mon0 to see the results.
8. In the end, you will see a list of the router’s names. Check whether the router has WPA or WPA2 security in the ENC column. Then, proceed further.
9. Make a note of the values BBSID and channel number of the router you are looking to hack. You can see this information on the left of the network’s name.
10. A handshake will appear when you connect with a network. To crack the password, you need to capture the data.

So wait till a handshake appears on your screen. Run these commands:
Airodump-ng -c number –bssid xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx -w /root/Desktop/ mon0
• Return the word digit with the channel digit you noticed, and the xx:xx:xx:xx:xx: xx with the BSSID.
• As long as this command remains running, you’ll be observing for all connections and further handshakes.

Other options…

WiFi2Me – Recover your misplaced WiFi password

WiFi2Me is an easy utility that can be used to recover the password of your wireless router. This application is amazing to have when you are faced with a lost WiFi password – Wifi2me App. The application monitors your network and utilizes an algorithm to crack the password. All in all, this is a helpful app when you need it!

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