Control and Access your Amazon Alexa Remotely

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Alexa lives in the cloud and is one of the best additions to intelligent devices in recent history. She is convenient, fun, and is massively popular for controlling Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, such as the Echo line of gadgets, with your voice.

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The Echo is the channel connecting you and the cloud that aids you to do tasks on the go with your voice command requests. You can give commands to Alexa from far-off places and control smart devices remotely. Amazon’s Alexa is way more intelligent than we assume, with more useful Alexa skills moving out every day. Today, you will find it in third-party devices, which lets people manage their smart devices and operate several of their smart home appliances to their maximum potential through voice commands. In addition, you can dominate any Alexa-supported device remotely when you are far away from home. 

How to Control and Access your Amazon Alexa Remotely:

When you are talking to an Alexa device, you need to be near your device for giving voice commands. Though, now you can control and Access your Amazon Alexa Remotely through two apps, including:

  • Alexa app by Amazon
  • Reverb for Amazon Echo

You can also deliver audible commands to your Alexa sitting from a far-off distance.

Control and Access your Amazon Alexa Remotely Alexa App by Amazon:

Amazon builds Alexa into several smartphones, records voice commands, what we speak at home, stores them in the clouds to complete the task. Echo smart speakers have built-in microphones, and by managing the Amazon app on an iPhone or Android phone to command your smart home devices. It is a handy feature to control your Echo by tapping icons on the screen through your phone.

1. Download and fix your Alexa app on your iPhone or phone.

2. Begin your Alexa app on your phone.

3. Choose OK to allow Alexa by using Bluetooth.

4. Now, sign in to your Amazon account.

5. On-screen, select your name.

6. Then, tap Allow giving Amazon contact and notification permits.

7. Select continue to guide Alexa your voice.

8. On-screen, choose OK to permit Alexa access to the device microphone.

9. Now, follow the on-screen prompts, and choose Next on the voice profile created screen.

10. Choose devices from the Home screen.

11. And select plus sign for adding a new Echo.

12. Proceed with the Add Device, and wait until your Echo is ready.

13. Now, give the commands to your Echo with your voice. Select the Alexa icon on the top of the screen after opening the Alexa app.

14. Now, choose turn on to talk to Alexa hands-free on your device.

15. While working on the app, enable hands-free voice communication with Alexa.

Reverb for Amazon Echo:

Reverb for Amazon Echo and the Alex app are two separate apps that can command your Alexa while relaxing from where you are. It controls Alexa without speaking to the physical device that can turn off the lights, manage the room temperature, and more.

1. Open the play store, and view Reverb for Amazon Alexa.  

2. Download and install it on your device (Android or iOS).

3. Again, you will have to complete the sign-in with Amazon credentials.

4. After signing in, you are ready to control the Alexa.

5. On the top of the screen, you will view a Blue mic.

6. To give commands, all you need is to hold the icon and release it when you are done, like sending a voice recording.

7. If you do not have access to the app on your phone. You can also handle Reverb from the web.

8. It will perform all the tasks like the Alexa app.

Using Remote control:

If you are unaware, Amazon trades a voice remote to communicate with the Amazon Echo, here we will describe to you How to Control and access your Amazon Alexa Remotely.

1. Open your Alexa app, and choose the left navigation menu, then go to


2. Choose your Echo device and select the option Pair Remote. If you are replacing your new remote with the old one, select forget remote.

3. Now, press the pause and play button for 5 seconds. Your Echo will pair up with your remote in 40 seconds.

4. Your Alexa will notify you, and now you can control your Amazon Echo with this new remote assistant.

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