Choosing the right robot vacuum cleaner: what should you pay attention to?

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A robot vacuum cleaner is a strange household helper. It cleans independently, can now empty itself and can be operated from a distance. Various factors determine whether you make the best choice: for example, not every robot vacuum cleaner can overcome thresholds of 2 centimeters, and some follow a random cleaning route.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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We have listed five important tips to help you choose the robot vacuum cleaner. Pay attention to these factors to make the best choice later!

1. Measure the threshold height in your home

You may not want to buy a robot vacuum cleaner for vacuuming one room. In other words: we are looking for a helper who can vacuum several rooms. Of course, he will have to drive over thresholds.

It is a must to measure the maximum threshold height in your home. Then look for a robot vacuum cleaner that can handle this height without problems.

2. Consider the type of cleaning route: random or systematic?

For example, a robot vacuum cleaner can follow two different cleaning routes: a random or a systematic one. Let’s briefly discuss them both so that you can see the difference.

  • Random cleaning route: With this type of route, the robot vacuum cleaner does not follow a specific route. It just goes to work and does not choose where it left off when it returns to the charging station.
  • Systematic cleaning route: there is a systematic route where the vacuum cleaner knows exactly where it left off. This eliminates the chance that he will skip parts and forget.

At, we strongly recommend that you opt for a robot vacuum cleaner with a systematic cleaning route. Although this is the rule rather than the exception, we still see robot vacuum cleaners cleaning randomly. These are often budget models.

We only included models with systematic routes in our research into the best robot vacuum cleaner.

3. Check which smart home systems the robot vacuum cleaner works with

We will only be if we zoom in on the compatibility of smart home systems. Of course, one of the powerful advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner is that you can include it in smart home scenarios. For example, wait to let the vacuum cleaner start until you’re away from home so you won’t be bothered by noise. Because yes, unfortunately, robot vacuum cleaners are still not silent.

They must communicate on the same frequency to include them in a smart home scene. Which smart home system do you use?

4. Operating options

As we mentioned in the introduction, it is often possible to operate a robot vacuum cleaner remotely. This way, you can set the robot vacuum cleaner to work from your smartphone at work. However, there are other ways to operate it. Some control options:

  • Via the app on your smartphone
  • Buttons on the robot vacuum cleaner itself
  • Control by voice (with a smart speaker or display)*
  • On the charging station

It is, therefore, again important that there is support. So, for example, if you have a Google Nest Audio, it is important that the robot vacuum cleaner can ‘talk’ to Google Home.

5. Compare and check reviews and ratings

Finally, we recommend you look good at ratings and reviews from previous users. In many cases, you can get a much better picture of the operation of a specific model. For example, you only see things like dragging cables or a stuck brush after a while. If you know this in advance, you can prevent a bad purchase.

View all robot vacuum cleaners and compare them with the above features. Then, at, you can compare robot vacuum cleaners on all these factors.

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