Amazon’s new devices make turning your home smart a Reality

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For years, Amazon’s new gadgets have been expanding Alexa to create intelligent versions of everyday devices which can control via a smartphone app. The company aims to make ambient computing a reality.

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Initially, Amazon released Alexa with its cloud computing which makes our life easier, and all the smart home devices perform with Alexa like a central hub to control your home. The home voice assistant brings a natural evolution to our homes with AI technologies. In this consumer-friendly age, the company has showcased some smart home devices to help customers live more sustainably at affordable prices.

Amazon’s new devices make turning your house smart a reality

The new lineup of devices is constantly adapting to you to give you more scope in the smart home. From turning on the lights to providing security at your home, Amazon devices are becoming prominent. In addition, Amazon has released a new Echo device which comes in a showy new spherical look and some stunning fabric covers.

Echo Show 15

The new Echo Show 15 is a giant Echo Show display that can fix on a wall or rest on a tabletop. It looks smart enough to blend into most residence décor with its 15.6-inch, 1080p full HD display. In addition, Amazon redesigned the home screen that can control smart-home devices and is capable of video streaming with a 5MP camera and voice ID. To create a better home experience, Echo Show 15 has a new UI that introduces a household calendar, digital sticky notes, and a home widget that makes it the home soul.

Amazon Glow

Amazon announced a new device sought at kids that connects video calling and games from a projector. Furthermore, it delivers a 19-inch interactive space so friends and family can play virtual games and interact on the touch-sensitive projection space.

Amazon Astro

Amazon’s premier robot is a tiny robot on three wheels with a rotating screen that checks on specific rooms or specialties remotely. It performs tasks and can drive on its own from room to room to monitor your home space operating advanced navigation technology. In addition, Astro has a screen for watching shows, making calls, voice chats and listening to music. The robot also has security and safety features that can flag potential intruders.

Astro works with the home security subsidiary Ring and Alexa guard to detect and notify the events such as broken glass or smoke alarms.

Astro looks like a great home companion that can recharge in 45 minutes.

Amazon Smart Home Thermostat

These smart thermostats can save energy by utilizing geofencing technology and are consistent with Alexa smart home devices to adjust your home temperature accordingly. This device looks super simple and comes with a digital touch screen to adjust the temperature. Amazon smart home thermostat is now available in many homes helping customers live more sustainably with the affordable thermostat.

Halo View

This latest fitness wearable feature has a color screen and a new AMOLED display. In addition, Fitbit-style wristbands can track health metrics like sleep, heart rate, activity, and workout intensity. The value behind this fitness tracker comes with a free one-year Amazon Halo subscription that has hundreds of studio-quality pieces of training shown through video.

It also includes a nutrition trainer that will feed you with an additional boost to fitness benefits and healthy meal planning tips.

Ring Always Home cam

Amazon Ring security is a flying security camera that further protects the home. It is an indoor camera-based drone that can fly from room to room in your house to ensure no corner is escaped unnoticed. In addition, the ring has a microSD card slot to reserve videos locally. This Ring Protection Plan offers a full view of the house and can scan the live stream and intervene or send aid if necessary with its navigation sensors.

Ring Alarm Pro

As with most of its security devices, Amazon also revealed the new Ring Protect Pro is a hub for Ring cameras. It has a built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router that enables home security for any space. It can pair with all Alexa-enabled safety devices and remain online with 24/7 backup internet while maintaining your gadgets online with cellular data. It also comes with voice activation emergency help to provide signs for break-ins, fires, floods, and online hazards.

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