Amazon promotes Astro, an ambitious home robot that can offer services

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Amazon’s long-awaited home assistant robot named Astro is now available in the town. Astro is a home robot that can help customers in new ways at home.

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Amazon’s long-awaited home assistant robot named Astro is now available in the town. Astro is a home robot that can help customers in new ways at home. Amazon is inventing a future while bringing together advancements in artificial intelligence like AI, robotics, home monitoring, and cloud services. Building a robot that can drive intelligently into your home is the next effort towards what Amazon thinks to be the inescapable home robot. It seized at least four years to build Astro, and there is no refusing that the small wheeled robot is pretty cute. Astro with multiple services feels more like a robotic assistant that keeps you secure.

Astro design and how does it look alike?

Astro can move autonomously around the home is a unique and different kind of robot. The robot is around two feet high and weighs approximately 20 pounds. This robot moves around you in the house along its main drive wheels are about 12 inches in diameter and deliver all the features of Alexa on wheels. Amazon claims that the Astro can do vast things with its 10-inch touchscreen and show you a live sight of rooms through the Astro app. It can move forward, backward, 360 degrees, or any direction with its maximum speed of one meter per second. The robot can handle video calls and track your move when you are on a call. It has an array of sensors, microphones, and cameras.

Astro Features:

Astro’s mastery to interact with a human builds trust with customers making its behavior more natural. It uses Intelligent Motion to gracefully and intuitively interact with individuals to perform a variety of things.

When you are away, it acts as a security robot and makes sure everything is safe. Astro can roam around your home, show a live view of rooms through the Astro app, and navigate to check in on specific areas. Also, it sends alerts if it catches an unrecognized person and has designed to help prevent unauthorized entrance. It has a 12-megapixel periscope camera and extendable arm that can lift to higher 42 inches. It can provide you with a better look at your kitchen or a room. With Alexa Guard, it can protect your house from any glass breaking, detect the sound of a smoke alarm, also send alerts to phones.

Amazon was most excited about Astro from the start to bring it into individual lives and help customers monitor their homes. Astro operates betterment in simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) to assist the robot and to navigate around the home environments that frequently change. It also has an obstacle sensor mapping system and obstacle avoidance systems. The obstacle sensors allow Astro to build a detailed map of its objects.

Astro’s Services:

The robot can handle video calls, gives valued ones 24/7 hands-free access to Urgent Answer, play music, and show weather details like any Echo display. When you are home, Astro obeys commands to go to a specific room, bringing the benefits of Alexa to you. It also helps to bring you information, live home control, check on loved ones, entertainment, and more. It can map out your floor plan recognize faces, deliver items to a specific person, snap a family photo, deliver items.

Astro’s personality can also push regular interactions more delightful. It comes with the Echo Show display and sophisticated Ring security camera that keeps an eye on your home with two wide eyes on the screen. Astro will remotely care for family/loved ones and let you sense more comfort and security while living independently. Amazon witnesses Astro as the next level and presents a new way to encounter fun technology. However, the company has revealed that Astro does not handle stairs well and can not clean floors or climb stairs. Also, do not accomplish numerous specialties that you envision from a home robot. Amazon has retained multiple safety features, and one can use him as a surveillance camera to configure or keep an eye on your home when you are not around.

Astro is a home robot that offers three primary services:

  1. Home security
  2. Monitoring loved ones
  3. Delivering a sort of mobile version of the in-home Alexa experience.
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