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How to Download the Amazon Alexa App?

Free download and install the Alexa app for your Windows, Mac, iOS & Android to setup an Echo device with connect your WiFi to Alexa.
Download the Amazon Alexa App

How To See What Devices Are Connected To My Wi-Fi

See who is connected to wifi with your Router - Your best way to check your wireless router. You can do it in a few minutes to detect whether or not somebody is utilizing your wireless network "Follow Steps".

CrackStreams – Watch Live NFL, NBA, UFC, MLB and more for free

CrackStreams is one of the most popular and free sports streaming services – Watch Live NFL, NBA, UFC, MLB and more for free. It has a user base of about 1 million users. According to their homepage, they consider themselves an alternative to BuffStreams, SportSurge and StreamEast.
CrackStreams – Watch Live NFL, NBA, UFC, MLB | Watch Anime |

AnimeShow is another steamy platform to consider. Users can watch high quality episodes anime online for free and in addition, they can surprise themselves by reading comics.

Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10

While accomplishing multiple assignments on your PC or laptop, we could be absent-minded to lose the essential data. We have all done it about accidentally ending up with the files using the Shift + Delete shortcut in Windows 10.
Recovery Windows10